Welcome to Green Maltese


  • Welcome to Green Maltese

    Greetings to all my Brother & Sister Firefighters!

    What is Green Maltese?  That was the question you thought as you clicked on this blog, and I am happy that you chose to find out.

    Green Maltese:  My goal is that Green Maltese becomes the place where fire service leaders can gain and share knowledge about the Green Movement and anything  about Green (Sustainable) Building Construction.

    Future Topics:

    • Green Buildings
    • Green Roofs
    • Recycled Materials
    • Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Systems
    • Green Building Rating Systems
    • Structural Insulated Panels
    •  Daylighting

    About Me:  My name is John Shafer. I am a 16-year fire service veteran of career and volunteer departments, an Indiana regionally recognized instructor on building construction, fireground search and command management, and I’ve traveled throughout the State of Indiana delivering specialized training programs on building construction, fireground search and firefighter safety.  I am a member of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors, have served as an advisor to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security for the state’s development of the Fire Training System of Indiana, and have assisted the development of the District 7 Training Council and the District 7 Response Task Force. 

    I invite you to visit my social networking page – Green Building Construction for the Fire Service – on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Green-Building-Construction-for-Fire-Service/146302678730175 which is designed to present new and evolving information on green building construction and its effects on fire service personnel.

     Special thanks to Chris Hebert Go Forward for allowing me the oppurinty to make this dream of mine come true, and Rhett Fleitz Fire Critic – FireCritic.com for his help and inspiration.

     This blog is dedicated to educating and saving firefighters lives by sharing information about current and future issues concerning building construction.  Please join me on the journey, and be inspired!

    Thanks, John

    Lt. John Shafer


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