New feature on Green Maltese

I am excited to announce a new feature on Green Maltese.

If you you have not noticed already we have added a new page Submit a Green Firehouse.

The purpose of this page is so departments can share their information good or bad concerning their firehouse, so other departments can learn from them.


Jackee Coe/The Arizona Republic

The Tolleson Fire Department moved into the $6.35 million facility, which sits a few feet away from the old station near 92nd Avenue and Monroe Street, on Nov. 15, 2010


Link and article for this picture:


So if your station is a green firehouse please take the time to submit your information so we can help other fire departments in the future.


Stay Safe

Lt. John Shafer

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John Shafer

An 18 year veteran of the fire service, and currently a Lieutenant and the Training Officer for the Greencastle Fire Department. An Indiana regionally recognized instructor on building construction, fireground search and command management, he has traveled throughout the State of Indiana delivering specialized training programs on building construction, fireground search and firefighter safety.