Modern Roofs the Truckie Nightmare

Green Maltese LLC is proud to annouce a new class offering.

Modern Roofs the Truckie Nightmare

Presentation Summary

The presentation will include an intense and concentrated examination of trends and methods in modern building construction with an emphasis on roofs, their direct relationship on vertical ventilation, structural firefighting operations, and firefighter survivability.

Inherent roof construction features and hazards that directly influence truck company work will be the main focus of this program.

Program Overview and Pedagogical Approach

The program will address timely issues related to modern roofs and upcoming push to make sustainable buildings.

This presentation will examine various green roofs, methods and exotic materials that are used to achieve green standards, and the potential hazards that they present to fire service personnel. Many of these materials such as recycled rubber shingles, solar panels and green (garden) roofs are not common knowledge to most fire service personnel due to past and current teaching practices that only address traditional building construction for the fire service.

This ground breaking and informative program will utilize extensive multimedia materials to reinforce course content and subject areas.

If the fire service can significantly increase proficiencies in green building knowledge and equate that to other fundamental operational aspects in structural fire operations, there would be a direct enhancement to firefighter safety through injury and LODD reductions in the future.

Target Audience

• Command Officers
• Company Officers
• Safety Officers
• Firefighters

List of the presentation’s learning objectives:

• Enable the student to identify the unique characteristics with the various modern roof construction types and recognize features that have significant impacts on firefighter safety.
• Enable the student to recognize specific green building construction features and their inherent risk factors.
• Enable the student to be aware of the green(garden) roofs and how they affect buildings in their jurisdiction.
• Inform the student of new roofing materials, such as recycled rubber tires shingles to achieve sustainability that could affect the way buildings react in a fire situation
• Make the student aware of current and future changes in building construction methods that will affect the tactics used in structural firefighting


Pictures of a few modern roof hazards:

Roof photo

Photo couresty of Molly Meyer LLC



Green Roof with Solar

Photo couresty of Molly Meyer LLC



Recycled Rubber Tire Shingles

Recycled Rubber Tire Shingles


Contact to discuss specific program needs and content. Content, focus, duration and presentation format can all be customized to meet with venue needs.

Lt. John Shafer


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