Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department New Green Fire Station

Green Maltese LLC latest adventure!

I am pleased to announce that Chief Larry Tempel Posey Twp. VFD has agreed to allow me to follow and document the building of this new Green fire station.

I think this will be a wonderful educational experience for myself and any fire department that is looking into building green in the future.



A Clay County fire department is starting construction on a new fire house.

The Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department broke ground on the $1.5 million project. Federal stimulus money is paying for most of it. Posey Township collected donations to cover its portion of a quarter-million dollars.

The new fire house will provide more room for newer fire trucks. It will also have living quarters for the volunteers and be energy efficient.

“Thick insulated walls, it’s going to have solar panels to generate some electricity. It’s going to have solar panels to heat some of the water. We’re going to catch all the rain water and use it for geothermal heating and cooling,” says Posey Township Volunteer Fire Chief Larry Tempel.

Posey Township’s current fire house used to be a church built in 1911. The new fire house is expected to be finished by January.

Link with video:



Posey Twp. VFD facebook page:



Check back often as we will try and cover this project from start to finish.


Stay Safe

Lt. John Shafer

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