Green Building in Indianapolis: Creating a Sustainable Future

Green Building in Indianapolis: Creating a Sustainable Future

The City’s Office of Sustainability, in partnership with WCTY Channel 16, is proud to announce the City’s first green building documentary. The film is titled “Green Building in Indianapolis: Creating a Sustainable Future” and is hosted by green living expert Sara Snow. The approximately 54-minute documentary features many of Indianapolis’ green building projects. The film explains the components of green buildings, the strategies used to ensure optimal environmental benefits and cost savings, and the importance of partnerships in the design and construction process. The purpose of the documentary is to inform Indianapolis residents about the concept of green building, highlight the City’s leaders in sustainable building projects, and provide a resource for more detailed information on best practices by featuring The Nature Conservancy’s new Headquarters building. The Efroymson Conservation Center is seeking LEED Platinum certification.

This documentary project began as a partnership between the Office of Sustainability and The Nature Conservancy. In early 2009, as The Nature Conservancy was preparing to break ground on the construction of their new headquarters buildings, the Office of Sustainability approached WCTY Channel 16 and The Nature Conservancy with the idea to video-document the construction process. This idea sparked the interest of The Nature Conservancy and Channel 16 as an opportunity to “tell the story” of green buildings: What is a green building? What are the benefits of a green building, to owners, to occupants, and to the community? What are the costs and how do green buildings compare to traditional buildings? From the earliest concept of the documentary, it was clear that there was an exciting story to tell about Indianapolis’ progress towards encouraging green buildings projects, and the growth of green buildings in our community. As a result, while the film project features specific, case study level information on The Nature Conservancy building, it also features several green building projects that had been completed prior to The Nature Conservancy. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc., State of Indiana Forensics and Health Sciences Laboratory, IDO, Inc., HealthNet’s Southwest Clinic, and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail are some of the green building projects featured in the documentary.

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