Solar Power in the Wabash Valley area


Solar power is only in California and southwestern states. This statement is the most common one I hear from people in the Midwest. However that is far from the truth. As a matter of fact I have visited two local solar installers in central Indiana.

My 1st trip was to Johnson Melloh Solutions.

My second trip was to One Planet Solar in Terre Haute Indiana. This is where I have a great meeting with Phillip Roberts and Dustin Allen. There were very interested in supporting local solar issues as well as the safety of Wabash Valley firefighters. In our meeting we discussed the fire departments needing to be able and access the roof’s ridge line for ventilation. Phillip stated that he would attempt to help us out on this and many issues.  Phillip and the crew at One Planet Solar are very supportive and here is just one example.

Solar panels donated to help lower home energy bills

Putnam County families can now apply to have a solar panel system installed at no charge through Putnam RISE efforts to lower home energy bills.

The 1.120 kw solar array using a new Enphase Energy micro-inverter system from (One Planet Solar and Wind, Inc.) is the most recent of donated products and services to the Putnam RISE “Green Home Makeover,” along with Shuee & Sons Great Buys Energy Star appliances, Energy Conservation Solutions (Roachdale) services and Parke County REMC weatherization materials.

The Green Home Makeover is one of 21 Putnam County homes to be selected for home energy and weatherization investments made possible by donated products and services as well as Putnam County Community Foundation and Vectren Foundation grants. In total, the 21 homes will receive an approximate value of $60,000 in grant investments and donated goods and services.

Households must have annual incomes of $45,000 or less to be eligible for the Green Home Makeover and weatherization projects. Applications and referrals are encouraged by calling 720-7610, going online at, or by visiting Bainbridge Town Hall, Greencastle City Hall or the Putnam County Senior Center.


Stay Safe
Lt. John Shafer

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