Fire Safety Videos for students with Disabilities

The Michael H. Minger Foundation is working on a grant to develop fire safety information for college students with disabilities. As part of this grant we have been developing a series of videos looking at fire safety for students with visual, hearing and mobility disabilities and learning/developmental disorders.


We have posted these online along with a very short survey to get some feedback. If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to watch these videos, we would appreciate it. They are about three minutes long and there is a survey button on the page…if you could fill out a a separate survey for each video, please…


The videos are limited to cooking, egress, sprinklers and smoke alarms. We didn’t have the time or resources in this grant to go into more topics and these were picked in a survey we did of campus fire safety officers as the areas that needed attention and were lacking in information.


We will be posting an online guide to go with these videos later in September about working with students with disabilities.


So, please go watch the videos and take the surveys…and please share this, particularly if you know somebody that has one of these disabilities who can give us their reaction!


Special thanks to Ed Comeau for passing on this information!

Please check out some of the excellant work Ed is invovled with.

Stay Safe

Lt. John Shafer

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