Gateway Midwest Fire & Leadership Training

Green Maltese is extremely excited about being a part of the Go Forward inaugural event, October 21-23 at the Ameristar Hotel Resort, Spa & Casino in St. Charles, Missouri.

Education Opportunities from Green Maltese @ Gateway Conference:

Reading the Building: Predictive Occupancy Profiling

Presented by Christopher J. Naum
Chief of Training, Command Institute, DC

And John Shafer
Lieutenant and Training Officer, Greencastle (IN) Fire Department

Today’s buildings and occupancies continue to present unique challenges to command and operating companies during combat structural fire engagement. Building and occupancy profiling, identifying occupancy risk versus occupancy type, emerging construction methods, features, systems and components coupled with the increasing commonality of extreme fire behavior and the increased fire load package require new skill sets in reading the building and implementing predictive occupancy profiling for firefighters, company and command officers. Integral to the presentation will be detailed discussions on building and structural system placarding methods and labeling programs.

When: Sunday, October 22 – 10:15a – Noon

Green Building Construction for the Fire Service

This course offers a concentrated examination of current and future trends and methods in green building construction. Discussion will emphasize green construction building materials, green rating systems, modern building construction methods, risk assessment, engineered structural and construction systems, and their direct relationship on structural firefighting operations, firefighter survivability and the command decision-making process. We will also consider:

  • Inherent green construction features and hazards that directly influence effective command risk management
  • Decisive strategic and tactical considerations with a focus on key green construction features and inherent occupancy profiles
  • The effect of fire dynamics, fire behavior and  tactical operations on modern building construction systems
  • When: Sunday, October 22 – 1:30p – 3:00p


There will be many other excellant classes offered this weekend and you don’t want to miss this!

Register here:



Stay Safe

Lt. John Shafer


  • 515 says:

    do u need someone to carry your bags

  • Greenmaltese says:

    LOL I am not to old to carry my bags !! :) however if you can get Reelsville to pay for your conferance and room you are more than welcome to ride to and from St Charles with me.

  • 515 says:

    didn’t say u were old figured if i carried your bags i would get to some classes i will do some talking see what i can get to happen may try to get a couple to come with if i can

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John Shafer

An 18 year veteran of  the fire service, and currently a Lieutenant and the Training Officer for the Greencastle Fire Department.  An Indiana regionally recognized instructor on building construction, fireground search and command management, he has traveled throughout the State of Indiana delivering specialized training programs on building construction, fireground search and firefighter safety.

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