Green Maltese was able to go on another fun educational field trip again!

This field trip was to West Lafayette to Purdue University to visit the Team Purdue IN Home open house.

TheINHome is a part of the 2011 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.


The most unique feature of the INhome is the biowall. The biowall is a home air filtration system that utilizes plants placed in a vertical wall, which remove harmful chemicals that can accumulate in homes that are tightly sealed like the INhome. Air from the home is drawn through the plant wall where the chemicals are removed by the plants and used as a food source. The wall requires very little maintenance and is even designed to water itself. The biowall improves the air quality in the home, saves energy, and provides a calming ambiance by bringing nature inside the home.

Bio Wall

One of the things that I really liked about the home was that it was sprinkled! GO PURDUE !!


Link to INhome:






Here is a link to 19 of the homes that will be in the Solar Decathlon.

This is a great way for firefighters to get a look at the homes of the future and some of the hazards and issues you will be dealing with in future fires.


Below are some of the pictures I took on my trip.




INHome banner

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