Firehouse Podcast on some Green Issues

Just wanted to share this with you, in case you hadn’t listened yet?

Fire Marshal’s Corner: FM Global Report on Green and Sprinklers and the Dangers with Photovoltaic Units

Ed Comeau and Mike Love look at two perspectives of the impact of fires on the environment on this month’s Fire Marshal’s Corner. They look at the operational and global perspectives.

San Jose Capt. Matt Paiss has been working in the field of photovoltaics for a number of years. He couples that experience with his fireground expertise, to provide listeners with a wealth of information about how to deal with rooftop photovoltaic units which are becoming more prevalent across the country. He has created several training videos (see below) that are great training tools.

We then are joined by Gary Keith who is the chair of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition. FM Global recently completed a landmark study on the environmental impact of fires which provides us with the information we need to quantify exactly what is happening to the environment when a fire breaks out. They review a number of sources of resources that are critical to the fire service.

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Below are the video’s from Captain Matt Paiss. Please enjoy and share with every firefighter you know. Matt is truly a PV expert!




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