Fireground Search Drills

Green Maltese main focus is on building construction however I also teach a lot of search classes as well. So I am going share some of the search drills I have put together. Hope you enjoy and they are useful to you and your crews. They are only meant to be short drills to start kitchen table discussion. In order to get the best out of them please get out and do the hands-on searching application in full PPE and SCBA.

Topics covered in this drill series are:

  • Attack or Rescue
  • Search Operations
  • Hoseline Search
  • Standard Search
  • Oriented Search
  • Large Area Search
  • Aisle Search
  • Search Tips
  • School Search
  • Grocery Store Search
  • Church Search
  • Campus Housing

Link to download drills in PDF file:

Fireground search drills for green maltese

Special thanks to Firefighter Close for the Search Operations drill.

If you enjoy and are able to use these drills to deliver training at your department please give feedback.

Stay Safe

Lt. John Shafer


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