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Greetings to all,

This “post” will not be about Green Construction however I wanted to take the time and share some other things I am also involved with.

My good friend Christopher Huston from EngineCo22 and I have partnered on another project. This project is a web site we developed call Fire Training Toolbox.

Fire Training Toolbox was created to share training and information to the Fire Service for free. Two Training Officers, Chris Huston and myself saw the need to give Firefighters, Trainers and Instructors a place to disseminate information of various media types. So this means we will not only be posting our training content but encourage all serious and dedicated instructors and training officers to share your training programs with us and if it is a good fit we will post it. Anything we post of yours we will give you full credit for the material! We are hoping firefighters from all over the world will contribute so everyone can all benefit from from free training materials in these tough economical times.

Air Management Course:

The latest training program is on Air Management for my local fire department. To access this free training module and many more go to MODULES page.

Please feel free to post this website at your fire station and wherever you choose to spread the word.

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Thanks and Stay Safe

Lt. John Shafer

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