Solar Panel Safety for Firefighters

The Fire Training Program at the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), in partnership with the Washington County Fire Training Association (WCFTA), recently hosted a one-day class on Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) Safety for Fire Fighters at SolarWorld in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Emergency incidents involving Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) equipment are becoming more and more common in both urban and rural areas.



The class was delivered by Captain Matt Paiss of the San Jose Fire Department (California) who is one of the nation’s leading experts in this area.  Captain Paiss is a 15-year veteran of the San Jose Fire Department, and is currently assigned as a Training Officer.  He was a contributor to the California State Fire Marshal’s Office PV Guidelines, as well as the IFC and NFPA1 fire code sections on PV. 

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Lt. John Shafer

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John Shafer

An 18 year veteran of the fire service, and currently a Lieutenant and the Training Officer for the Greencastle Fire Department. An Indiana regionally recognized instructor on building construction, fireground search and command management, he has traveled throughout the State of Indiana delivering specialized training programs on building construction, fireground search and firefighter safety.