Behind Scenes Of Recent UL Test

Green Maltese presents a small behind the scene look at recent fire service testing done at Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

Note: This isn’t a official video of UL. The purpose of this video is to allow you a look at testing conducted this week at UL and provide you a little preview of more great things to come from UL and our committee research.

Research Study Purpose
The purpose of this study is to increase firefighter safety by providing the fire service with scientific knowledge on the dynamics of attic and exterior fires and the influence of coordinated fire mitigation tactics from full-scale fire testing in realistic residential structures.

Goals and Objectives

  • Improve firefighter safety by increasing knowledge of fire behavior.
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of new construction materials and techniques and green building technologies on fire spread spreading along the building envelope and propagation into and growth within the attic.
  • Identify and disseminate standard best practices for mitigating attic fires based on science.
  • Provide the knowledge to better understand the fire dynamics and building response factors that cause and contribute to fireground injuries and fatalities during attic fire incidents.
  • Disseminate knowledge gained pertaining to the built environment to stakeholders that are able to impact the code process to improve the safety of the public and the fire service.
  • Bring the “Science to the Streets” by transferring science based tactical considerations founded on experimental results that can be incorporated into firefighting standard operating guidelines.

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Stay Safe

Lt. John Shafer


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