Green Building Construction Class For Fire Service Offered Worldwide

Green building methodologies are well on their way to becoming the standard for new construction and the rehabilitation of buildings and homes. it is no longer a passing fad States, Municipalities as well as both public and private entities are reaping the benefits of going green. While these buildings have proven to be better for the environment they do pose some additional hazards to firefighters who could possible respond to incidents involving them. 

Green Buildings are not only in the United States of America but worldwide and pose the same hazards to firefighters worldwide. Here is recent ranking for 2014 thus far from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The ranking of the top 10 countries for LEED outside of the U.S. is based on cumulative gross square meters (GSM) of space certified to LEED in each nation as of April 2014.

Rank Nation GSM of LEED-certified space (millions) Total GSM of LEED-certified and registered space (millions) Total number of LEED-certified and registered projects
1 Canada 17.74 58.66 4,068
2 China 14.30 96.22 1,638
3 India 11.64 66.22 1,657
4 South Korea 3.84 16.61 242
5 Taiwan 2.98 6.97 114
6 Germany 2.90 7.32 365
7 Brazil 2.85 23.24 829
8 Singapore 2.16 3.86 91
9 United Arab Emirates 1.82 47.16 850
10 Finland 1.45 3.56 148

Collectively, more than 59,000 commercial and institutional projects are participating in LEED, representing 967 million GSM of construction space worldwide.

Be proactive by educating your firefighters of these additional hazards.

green BC promo class picGreen Building Construction for the Fire Service

 Presentation Summary

A concentrated examination of current and future trends and methods in green building construction with an emphasis on the green construction building materials, green rating systems, modern building construction methods, risk assessment, engineered structural and construction systems, and their direct relationship on structural firefighting operations, firefighter survivability and the command decision-making process. Inherent green construction features and hazards that directly influence effective command risk management, decisive strategic and tactical considerations with a focus on key green construction features, inherent occupancy profiles and modern building construction systems affected by fire dynamics, fire behavior and tactical operations.


            Program Overview and Pedagogical Approach

The program will address timely issues related to the new and upcoming push to make all modern buildings green. The three major green rating systems (LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™”, ICC-NAHB National Green Building Standard ™ and NAHB Model Green Building Guidelines will be addressed.


This presentation will examine various green buildings and methods and exotic materials that are used to achieve green standards, and the potential hazards that they present to fire service personnel. Many of these materials are not common knowledge to most fire service personnel due to past and current teaching practices that only address traditional building construction for the fire service.


Contact to discuss specific program needs and content. Content, focus, duration and presentation format can all be customized to meet with venue needs. Captain John Shafer Email:


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