Going Interior? Keep the door closed until you make the push!

While there has been much discussion about interior stream vs. exterior or transitional vs. interior fire attack. This short post isn’t about rather you should or shouldn’t. To me there is a time and place for both. However if you decide to make the push interior, door control is essential until you have a charged line with adequate flow.

First arriving officer should assess the position of the front entry door. The officer should be looking for the following:

Front Door: open or closed?

If the door is open then the officer should identify the B-SAHF (Building, Smoke, Air Track, Heat, and Flame) indicators and if there appears to be any victim’s right at doorway. Then it is important to close the door until they are ready to make the push interior.

The following video is being used to discuss this topic and not criticize the department or Monday morning quarterback this department.


58 seconds in the video vista ny 2014 final


302 vista fire 2014 final

315 water applied vista final


Special thanks to vfd173 for sharing this video.

The full video is below.


Stay Safe

Captain John Shafer

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  • Shan Raffel says:

    Nicely analysed John. Notice at 3.02 that the flame issuing from the front windows was right down to the bottom of the opening indicating that these were all functioning as exhaust outlets. Which means that there must be other openings that are serving as the inlets on side B,C,D. The front door showed a bi-directional air track which indicates it is serving as both an inlet and exhaust. Closing this down would have helped to reduce the heat release rate to some extent. Door entry technique would have also assisted entry.
    These guys had a well developed fire on arrival and got water onto to it out pretty quick! They placed the water up high and pushed the flame back quickly. When they had control they did some good ventilation.

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