A CLOSED Door, Great Dispatcher, Calm Boy, and VES = Two Lives Saved!

CLINTON, Md. (WJLA) — A 13-year-old boy who made a dramatic call to 911 and his 9-year-old sister were rescued from a house fire Sunday morning by Prince George’s County firefighters.

PGFD firefighters describe the rescue of two kids from a burning Clinton house. (Photo: Jeff Goldberg/WJLA)

As the boy talked with the 911 operator, he remained remarkably calm and communicative, trying to keep his little sister calm as well.

The kids were trapped on the second floor as the fire burned on the first floor of the home at 9609 Small Drive in Clinton. Three adults had escaped the fire, firefighters say.

As his sister can be heard saying they were going to die, her brother tells her not to say that.

After firefighters broke the window to enter the second floor, the girl grabbed on to one of their legs. The firefighter took his breathing apparatus and put it on the girl.

The three adults were taken to MedStar Hospital, the children to Children’s Hospital. All are expected to make full recoveries.


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dispatcher  Door Control is everyone’s job!







This dispatcher does an excellent job coaching this boy to close his door to save his and his sisters life!

This incident is an excellent example of good public fire safety education, a great dispatcher and well trained firefighters that knew how to properly preform VES when those we swore to protect needed us the most!

We have been preaching the CLOSED door message here for several years and and in our class we have identified that there are 5 major domains that need to address and champion this message to save life’s!

Please do your part and share this with everyone you know. You never know whose life you might save.

5 Domain’s of close the door

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